Staff of Biomodeling Group

Lab photo
Head Prof. Sławomir Filipek, PhD DSc sh.filipek|
Postdoc Przemysław Miszta, PhD pmfenix|
Postdoc Pakhuri Mehta (Jain), PhD pmehta|
PhD student Krzysztof Młynarczyk, MSc kmlynarczyk|
PhD student Jakub Jakowiecki jjakowiecki|
PhD student Mariusz Możajew mmozajew|
PhD student Aleksandra Szczęsny a.szczesny4|
PhD student Aleksander Dębinski, MSc adebinski|
MSc student Urszula Orzeł u.orzel|
IT Specialist Paweł Pasznik, MEng p.pasznik|

Lab animation

Former staff

Postdoc Dorota Latek, PhD 2009-2019
MSc student Agnieszka Sztyler 2016-2018
PhD student Wojciech Puławski, PhD 2010-2018
MSc student Tomasz Stępniewski 2014-2016
Postdoc Anna Modzelewska, PhD 2013-2016
MSc student Maria Turant 2013-2016
Postdoc Marek Bajda, PhD 2012-2014
Postdoc Szymon Niewieczerzał, PhD 2010-2013
MSc student Agata Perlinska 2013-2013
PhD student Shuguang Yuan, PhD 2011-2013
Postdoc Bartosz Trzaskowski, PhD 2009-2012
Postdoc Rongliang Wu, PhD 2011-2012
PhD student Umesh Ghoshdastider, MSc 2009-2012
MSc & PhD student Michal Kolinski, PhD 2003-2010
Postdoc Dragos Trinca, PhD 2009-2009
Senior Postdoc Krzysztof Jozwiak, PhD DSc 2005-2008
MSc student Anna Zwolinska, MSc 2007-2008
PhD student Anna Modzelewska, PhD 2002-2007
MSc & PhD student Krystiana Anna Krzysko, PhD 2002-2008
MSc student Ewelina Siadkowska, MSc 2003-2004
MSc student Magdalena Kolczewska, MSc 2003-2004


PhD student Renata Abel 2017, 2018
MSc student Sathapana Chawananon 2018

  • April 2019.
    Our latest review on "Molecular switches in GPCRs".

  • March 2019.
    The ERNEST project (COST CA18133) has started.
    ERNEST = European Research Network on Signal Transduction
    The main scientific objective of the Action is to develop a common, comprehensive and holistic map of signal transduction that will advance development of pathway-specific chemical modulators. This unique and innovative goal will be realised by linking of a diverse group of researchers in the field through the networking activities funded by COST.
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