Faculty of Chemistry, University of Warsaw
ul. Pasteura 1,
02-093 Warsaw, Poland
Phone: +48-22-5526405
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Biological and Chemical Research Centre,
University of Warsaw,
ul. Zwirki i Wigury 101
02-089 Warsaw, Poland
Phone: +48-22-5526545
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Head group's e-mail: sfilipek|

  • April 2019.
    Our latest review on "Molecular switches in GPCRs".

  • March 2019.
    The ERNEST project (COST CA18133) has started.
    ERNEST = European Research Network on Signal Transduction
    The main scientific objective of the Action is to develop a common, comprehensive and holistic map of signal transduction that will advance development of pathway-specific chemical modulators. This unique and innovative goal will be realised by linking of a diverse group of researchers in the field through the networking activities funded by COST.
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