Laboratory equipment

Major equipment

Linux clusters:

  • 12-core processors (2.2 GHz AMD Opteron 6174): 768 cores (modules of 48-cores), Infiniband QDR (40Gb/s).
  • Quad-core processors (64-bit AMD Opteron): 64 cores (4 modules of 16-cores), Infiniband network.

Five strong Linux workstations containing 2x Intel Xeon 6C/12T 3.46GHz processors, and 2x NVIDIA GTX 590 graphics cards involving 2048 CUDA Cores in total.
Monitors ZALMAN for 3D visualization (with 3D passive polarized glasses).

Scientific software (programs for protein modeling, ligand docking and visualization):

  • YASARA-Dynamics-NMR (Biosciences) - yearly renewing license
  • NAMD, GROMACS, CHARMM - programs for molecular dynamics
  • VMD, MolMol, PyMol etc. - programs for molecular visualizations
  • Schrodinger software Suite
  • Discovery Studio (Accelrys Inc.), Sybyl (Tripos Inc.)

Access to Supercomputer Centres in Warsaw/Poland (ICM), Gdansk/Poland (TASK), Pittsburgh/USA (PSC), Barcelona/Spain (BSC).


  • April 2023.
    Homology Modeling book edited by S.Filipek

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